Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apato souji

Here's my little neighbourhood! One Saturday the people who live in my apt (mostly teachers) all turned out to do some intensive weeding and general outside maintenance (yet, that same day I was asked to pay a maintenance fee???). Working together was actually a lot of fun! The weeds could have been swiftly annihilated with a power edger thingy, but using the big scythes (sp?) was a lot more fun. I even brought out some of my American music... My nihonglish is improving by leaps and bounds...
By the way, the very un-Japanese looking guy is my upstairs neighbour, Colin the Strong (there's another one who's Colin the Tall), from Colorado. His contract ends in July, and then he's going to Tokyo to study Japanese (or the J-girls, not quite sure). He's the one who keeps me updated on what's happening via The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. :)

Oh, no! Gotta run - going to English Camp with Dawn's kids this week - be back later!

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Gina said...

I just watched Jon and Stephen. They are hysterical and scary all at once--kind of like Shawn of the Dead. Well, without the zombies, of course.

Yes, it is almost 2 am here. I need sleep, but I got sucked into the VH1 special, Awesomely Bad Break Up Songs and I can't tear myself away until they play me some Richard Marx.