Thursday, June 14, 2007

Train tram

While I was having a tea waiting for my plane in Kobe, I realized the airport trams looked more like little trains and less like monorail cars. So, here you go, Berns (and anyothers of you who are interested in transportation)! Have I posted any pics of the trolleys in Nag yet?


Gina said...

Thanks Auntie Tracey!!

Berns loves airports... and trains... and the combo?? Bernie Bliss!

We have no fewer than 150 pictures of Dulles. They are constructing a train thing and Berns couldn't get enough.

My wallet is incredibly grateful for digital cameras...

For non-airport shots, check out our photo essay in Breaking Ground!

papa san said...

You know how i love trains.....but these are not steam so the interest is not quite a strong. I would, hoever, be interested in learning more about what they are doing a at Dulles, Gina. Is it for their own transport system or is it in conjunction with the Air & Space Facility out there?

Gina said...

Hey, George!

I don't know how familiar you are with Dulles--so forgive me if I over/under detail you. :)

Dulles has these very strange Mad Max-esque vehicles for transporting passengers between terminals. They--the "Mobile Lounges"--dock at one terminal and sit there filling for a while and then lumber across the tarmac and dock at the other terminal.

Someone got the brilliant idea (and enormous funding--just shy of $2 billion) that an underground train-esque system would be an improvement. The AeroTrain System is a huge undertaking and is projected to take another 2+ years to finish.

With all of the branding and signage and full-size models and construction going on, it looks like the roll-out of an Olympics.

The pit where they are constructing some of the tunnels is massive--and very camera-worthy per Berns. (Come on! Huge forms and construction vehicles and planes all in the same frame?? Heaven... B-Style.) If I hadn't promised a return trip, I don't think I could have gotten him to leave the airport.