Thursday, June 21, 2007

仮面ライダー (Kamen Rider)

(if you don't see the Japanese on these pages, then look for the "text encoding" in your browser menu and select "Japanese" - it looks much cooler than the random symbols that are probably coming up if you haven't enabled that feature) SO - what do you think of my new bike and outfit? The only drawback is that at this time of year it's a little warm.

But すごいかっこいい、ね!(but really cool-looking, isn't it!)
This week my students are doing little skits about famous characters/people. I just had to post a picture of this one - you've got to love mutant superheroes. They sound so ridiculous when you're not familiar with their story. Kamen Rider, too, seems to have the formulaic story of fighting against another mutant gone mad who's prime objective is - you guessed it - total world domination. You must go to the wikipedia link (click the title of this post) and check out the episode the very least you'll get to learn a few new Japanese vocabulary words! I can't decide which is my favorite: Strangeness! Bee Woman (怪異! 蜂女 Kaii! Hachi Onna) or Cockroach Man!! The Terrifying Bacterial Ad-Balloon (ゴキブリ男!! 恐怖の細菌アドバルーン Gokiburi Otoko!! Kyōfu no Saikin Adobarūn) or

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Tracey said...

Yes - it IS supposed to look like a grasshopper...