Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flying Body Attack and Donkey-Hote

This weekend I was requiring some social interaction, so Saturday I went up to Fukuoka again. I'd planned on meeting up with Kate on Sunday, but when she emailed me with the message, "Hey, going to see '300' - wanna come?" Hmmm...let's see, that's a tough one...300+ ripped, mostly naked men running around brandishing swords, fighting for honor and freedom against all odds, swirling around in scarlet red capes...do I have a pulse? So of course I met the girls. We went to Hard Rock Cafe first - sounds so cheesy, but it was a nice departure from the occasionally monotonous predictability of Japanese fare. And I wanted MEAT. I ended up with fajitas, but I could still identify a few slices of beef in there. Ooo - they even had real, life-sized napkins that weren't waterproof! (spend some time in inaka Japan and you'll know what I mean).
We enjoyed the movie, of course; though the story wasn't strong, the visuals more than made up for what the story was lacking :)
Before heading back to Tenjin, we stopped at "Donkey-Hote" (another one of those clever names like the piano bar 'Hugh Jorgens') since they have a little of everything. Baby shirts with wrestlers surfing (?), toys next to the "toys" (wink wink), next aisle you find dartboards and skateboards, you can also grab a new lamp, stock up on cheap candy, and pick up some motor oil on your way to the check out line. Hyaku-en shop on acid. But I at least got some photos to amuse myself :)


Tracey said...

The wrestler picture is supposed to be a horizontal, I think, but I wasn't paying attention when I uploaded it. He somehow doesn't look as fierce this way...I guess it's all a matter of your perspective.

Anonymous said...

Flying Body Attack? Oh, I need that shirt... (: