Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on how you GO in Japan

I think I've mentioned before that my favorite godson, Berns, is really into anything related to transportation. Considering I don't have a car here, I am afforded many opportunities to take all kinds of vehicles to get me where I want to go. As I was at the Fukuoka station waiting for my train (which is the Kamome, the slick white one that runs between Nagasaki and Fukuoka), I saw this one, a Midori, going to Sasebo. I used the explanation of taking a photo for my godson to start a conversation with the lady behind me in line (I've decided to just start talking to people in my broken Japanese - I figure, hey! law of averages - someone's bound to talk back eventually!). She seemed very amused, and, so encouraged, I proceeded to show her my purchases from the day. Apparently I wasn't too boring or incomprehensible, since she wanted to sit next to me on the train, too.
The other photo is of some good-natured しゃしょう "shasho" (train conductors) on the nishitestu train I took out to Dazaifu. The man inside the little booth is announcing that this is the Nishitetsu train heading for Omuta, and that the next stop is Shimo-ori. They of course said this in Japanese...
I can't believe how the Japanese is 'changing'...if I pay attention, more and more comprehensible words and concepts are filtering through what used to be all background white noise! :)

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