Tuesday, July 24, 2007

flowers in the window

I know most of the posts make it seem like I'm always genki and have one adventure after another (fairly true, but a conscious, continuous effort on my part, to be sure), but please know that sometimes I'm quite solitary in my little apartment. This opportunity to be quiet and away from distractions is one of the reasons I came to Japan, and I do cherish the fact that most of the time the only sounds I hear are those of crickets and semi (cicadas). However, the losses this past year (and now again, with several friends - including my American neighbor - leaving Japan) sometimes make just getting through the day really, really difficult. I endeavor to seek out The Lesson and The Beauty in my life in so much around me, but at times I just sit at my window and let the sadness rain down and wash over me. I know the storms and the drizzles don't come to stay, I know that they're washing away what's necessary and helping that inner garden to flourish, but sometimes I just wish I had someone to hold an umbrella for me.
But, the sun does always eventually find its way out, now, doesn't it -
Well, now that we're out of rainy season it does :)

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Gina said...

Hey Hon,

I think about you every single day.

(Honest! I say a little prayer for you every time I put on my robe--which I am sure has some cool Japanese name which I could use to impress people or which I could butcher in my re-found drawl.)

I hope the rainy days become less and less frequent--just enough to refresh without flooding you out--and that you find some wonderful sunny pockets in your 2nd year across the sea.

Love you,
Gina ;~}