Friday, July 13, 2007

Inside the Fun Room

As I said in the other post about the Kyushu National Musuem, I have a hard time keeping my hands off of all the exhibits. But how great is this?! On the ground floor of the museum, there was a whole room devoted to giving the museum visitors a hands-on experience with a variety of artifacts. It DID make me miss being an art teacher, though! Unfortunately, I didn't find this room until almost closing time, so I didn't get to see/understand everything, but I still enjoyed the visit. In fact, in my "search" for figuring out exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life, I find places like this particularly inspiring. I just keep praying for guidance...anybody out there have any ideas? Preferably in a locale in the mountains near the sea? (^,^)

Great dragon, yo! Look at those eyes!

Here's a side view of the room from the outside.
In this picture, you see a Japanese painting on a screen on the right, and a several plaques hanging on a tree on the left. Each plaque had a section of the painting on one side, and the other had information about that particular part of the painting. For this activity, you take one of the plaques hanging on the tree there and find the matching section on the screen to learn about it.

In this activity, I think you try to put the missing pieces in the quilt so they match the one above. In my teaching (kids AND adults), I find that any type of manipulative makes the lesson so much more interesting!

And after playing with costumes and masks, discovering distant painted lands, and fighting dragons, one can always use a spot o tea before one heads for home...

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Gina said...

Oh, oh, oh!! I have an idea for your next adventure!

How 'bout you come homeschool my kids and I will go hang out in Japan for a couple of years??


How 'bout you just come live within a decent drive of me--or in my house--and we get together on a regular basis and you can teach your godson some of those cool new words and how to do an emulsion transfer?


A girl can dream, no??