Thursday, July 26, 2007


Fifty years ago the river in Isahaya flooded, causing great damage and over 600 casualties. Each year on July 25 Isahayans (?) celebrate the "Kawamatsuri" or "River Festival" to remember those who perished. If you look at the photo with the "50" on it, you see a representation of the original "meganebashi" (literally, "Spectacles Bridge" because when the bridge reflects in the water it looks like a pair of glasses) which is now actually located in the park near Kanko, and not across the river anymore. I know the river hardly looks capable of flooding now, but trust me - in rainy season I've seen it almost cover those stone walkways on the side banks there. This festival includes lighting candles all along the river, and ends with a big fireworks show. Here's a photo of some of the food vendors' stalls along the river. Japanese "fair fare" is becoming too familiar to me; I forget it's really different from that in the US. I'll take better pictures of them at the next matsuri. I just liked seeing the moon above, the stalls and the girls in their festive yukatta.

I even crashed an after party at a boxing gym on the way home (more on that story to follow).
I think Jared has a better photo, but here's one to give you an's a terrible photo, yet looks a little like it felt...I really think almost everyone in Japan smokes! And, not to worry, the strongest stuff I drank was Aquarius! You can't even drink and ride a bike here, and besides, it was a school night!

(ps - don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge! It works with all the ones from my camera. Sorry - the ones from the cell phone are as big as they get - )

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