Friday, July 27, 2007

きんぎょすくい Kingyo-sukui

Have you ever been to a fair and seen people walking around with a bag of lively little goldfish? I'm not sure how you catch them in the States, but in Japan they have an interesting system. At the kawamatsuri they had several "kingyo-sukui" booths where children armed with thin paper ladles tried to scoop up the fish to put them in a bowl. One must work quickly, because the game ends when your paper ladle breaks. In this photo you see the (now broken) ladle in the girl's right hand, and her bowl in the left as she gives the man her fish to bag.

I stayed for a while watching these tiny little girls in candy bright yukatta, hair all pinned up (I know it's cliche, but they really DO look like dolls!) darting here and there, squealing with excitement, coaching each other on how to best net the next slippery fish.

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