Monday, July 30, 2007

Style Spotlight

Here is a photo of one of the guys at the party.
He was still in his work clothes.
Can you guess what his profession is?
(A) house painter
(B) 'house' music and hip-hop dj
(C) house boy
(D) house construction worker

Post your guesses in the comment section! (and I'll post the answer there in a few days!)
100-yen Shoppe Gift Certificate awarded to the most creative write-in response!


Jon Frashier said...

A or D..I'll go with D.

Jon Frashier

PapaSan said...

Since you titled the jpg "constuction worker", it's a dead give-away.......but knowing you....hmmmm. He's a very clean worker. My first guess was DJ but then I saw the jpg title. House boy?? Don't think so. Can't possibly be a painter....nobody is "that neat"!! I'm going to stick with my first impression and say hop-hop answer.

Tracey said...

Dad, you're just so clever.
It's D.
I was trying to keep with the whole "house" theme. I actually don't know if this guy does only houses, but he is a construction worker. The pants and tabi ("shoes" - sock like things with a split between big toe and the other toes) they wear make it easy for them to get around the beams and bars on the construction site.

Tracey said...

AND THE WINNER IS....CARA! I know she doesn't have a post here, but she sent one to me in an email. She had the most creative answer with an allusion to a giant Japanese Ewok. Your 100 Yen Shoppe gift certificate is in the mail!
- txo