Friday, August 03, 2007

yukatta, ringo ame, and usagi-chan

As I was walking around during the Kawamatsuri in my jaunty little jimbei (like "Jim-Bay", though unrelated to Michael Bay), I kept running into my students. Actually, they kept spotting me and calling me to jump into the photo ops. Here are some of the volleyball girls donning their yukatta. The little red things on sticks are like candy apples ("ringo ame"), and for the record, despite usagi-chan's popularity, it seems like I'm usually the only one who does bunny ears in the photos. (うさぎ "usagi" = rabbit. So, yes, the typhoon that we just had was "Typhoon Rabbit"???)

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PapaSan said...

You didn't tell me the jimbei was a uni-sex item. Last time i wore it I was accused of wearing pj's. I had to explain what the outfit was nad that it was called a jimbei to which they said, "Isn't that the African drum you play?". And then I had to get into the difference between djembe a jimbei. Would have been easier to wear jeans and a t-shirt...but not as much fun!