Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Natsu Yasumi

Hey! I'm catching a train to Sasebo in a little bit, trying to catch one of the "natsu matsuri" (summer festivals). I'm also taking my bike to ride up there and some of the way back to Isahaya. Then I'm off to an island music festival near Fukuoka, and since I'll be close, I might also catch the ferry over to Pusan, Korea. So - not sure when I'll be back online - but I'm off to enjoy a little bit of my "natsu yasumi" (summer break)! Mata! tx

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Anonymous said...

OK - every night I've been checking to see if you're back "in town." Hope you're enjoying your summer break, Trace. Aunt Louise and I are going up to Grand Lake on Thursday (the 23rd) for 4 days to relax in the mountains, and practice using my new SLR digital camera. Hopefully I can remember some of the pointers you've given me over the years. Talk to you next week, hon! Hugs and love! Aunt Barb