Friday, September 21, 2007

holding auditions for a new roommate

For about a month I've been trying to put together a little container water garden to I can enjoy a few plants and maybe even some fish thrown in for bonus entertainment. Considering my restriction in transportation and the lack of Home Depot stores around here, garden progress has been a little slow. I did finally find and get a big pot, but of course I picked one that needed repair because it was neat looking and significantly cheaper. Still not sure what the Japanese is for "epoxy", but I think I fixed the "hibi" in my "toki" (sp?) so now it won't keep "moremasu"-ing.

So, since I was impatient for my real garden to begin, I started holding auditions for the role of my new tenant. So far this little guy is doing alright. He's even finally figured out that he's allowed to eat the plants there.

And yes, of course that's a pasta jar :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new roomie! What's his/her name? Maybe it should be Noodle (in Japanese of course) since he's got a pasta jar for a crib. He sure is cute. Thank goodness he's not camera shy!!! love, kf

PapaSan said...

I'm thinking Sushi would be a cute name but it might give him/her a complex. Coy would also work and it surely wouldn't give the wrong impression.

Sarah said...

Hi! Nice blog. :-) You should visit my: I hope you'll like it.

Tracey said...

Would you believe "men" is the generic name for "noodle" in Japanese! I thought of that yesterday when I ordered my soMEN for lunch...Well, fabulous! And I thought I was going to go a whole year without having had MEN in my house!
Thanks for the tip, K :)