Monday, September 24, 2007

Nakamura Biyoshi

A couple of months back, desperate for a decent hair cut and more natural color, I went to this place recommended to me in Fukuoka. Yasu, the owner, is the first Japanese man I've met who actually has curly hair, so I trusted that he'd set things straight - well, you know what I mean. He worked in NYC for about 8 years, and so his English was really good, and his shop was filled with antique-y things like I used to have in my places back home. They even serve me tea and have funky 40's music or jazz. So if you're ever stuck in Kyushu in need of a trim, kochira wa watashi no osusume desu, yo


Anonymous said...

You know, for our anniversary, Skip gave me a certificate for a weekend trip any where I wanted to go - and seeing that I'm always in need of a good haircut, maybe I'll just pop over and check out Yasu's establishment. Does he take out-of-town checks??? -Aunt Barb

PS: When are you coming stateside?

Cara said...

What? no more orange glow? :-) Glad you found a welcoming place that sorta 'feels like home'...I wonder if he knows Roberto, my NYC hair genius whom I miss... Dallas is big on big hair, which as you know just isn't me... Sigh... well, you've proven that proper hair styling is challenging everywhere...
Hope this made you smile! (you know what they say about making people wonder what you're up to...)

Tracey said...

...then I'm sure the Japanese are always wondering what I'm up to... ;)
(and don't worry - the orange glow still sparks in the right light...)