Thursday, October 25, 2007


Welcome to my little apato! Here is the "genkan" or front entry way where you take off your shoes (they go on a shelf on the left). To the left is a hall that leads to the sink and toilet, to the right is the office/wardrobe, ahead and to the right is the kitchen, straight ahead is the lounge, and just before that on the left is my bath. The little red curtain thingys are called "noren" - you can see them at the entry way to many restaurants, too.

Here's the room where I keep my clothes (on the rack on the right) and have an "office" of sorts. When I'm wildly motivated, I even use that exercise ball for more than just a computer chair.

Here's another look at the wall behind the desk - picture of Mom, bus & train schedules, picture of my former school in Takaki, poster Chris sent me from Switzerland, necklaces, headphones, picture of Gabby Reece to encourage wild motivation to exercise (maybe it would work better if I'd printed it in color)...


Cara said...

I detect a theme emerging... aren't those dragonflies on the curtain to the lounge area? :-)
Does lounge = bedroom? you haven't mentioned a separate bedroom...another difference with the US. How do families with multiple kids handle it? Imagine if you and Chris didn't have your own rooms when you were growing up!

Anonymous said...

Just spent the last 30 minutes reading all about the apartment and looking at the pictures. They're wonderful, Trace. Now I can picture you in your cozy space on the other side of the world fixing us tea on your gas stove. I love the wall behind your desk, your refrig...and the china cabinet. Thanks for sharing your personal space with your family back home. (Glad I never had to figure out your microwave - I have enough trouble with English directions...)

Love and hugs...
Aunt Barb

Gina said...

Okay... so it has been weeks and weeks since I last commented.

But I have loads of great excuses... including a surprise surgery, an interview, an offer, a move to a new city, and an office with quite the view.

The kids are great. The house in in boxes. And I am thinking a small 3-room apartment sounds like the way to go!

But then we walk on our 6+ acre lawn and I think, "Okay... all of this funky turmoil might just be worth it."

Miss you!
Gina ;~}

Tracey said...

Yes - I do like dragonflies "tonbo" - they look like the letter "t" :)
I don't actually have a "bedroom" - I tend to sleep around ;) - the house - depending on how warm it is. Not sure if I like not having an actual "bedroom" - I just really like having open spaces, and so although I could make one of the rooms a bedroom, I'll live without one and enjoy the space. It seems to go with the low-maintenance lifestyle I seem to be cultivating here...