Tuesday, October 30, 2007

stunt double Halloween aisu kurimu

Here's a quick pic to remind ya'll what I look like. I went up to Sasebo this weekend for the huge Yosakoi dance festival. Very cool costumes, very cool music, very cool moves. Think: Japanese samurai + The PropellerHeads dipped in the Fifth Element.
I have a short video that I'll post once my workshop presentation is done - I've got to present at the mid-year conference for the JETs this week...so I'm a little busy.
Happy Halloween to you - I'm going to try to carve a Japanese pumpkin with my kids at lunch tomorrow - but the best I could find (and I looked ALL over) is a green lumpy thing that doesn't really stand up very well. We'll see. We're going to sing "The Monster Mash" too - can't wait.

OH - and if you haven't gotten the memo - I'm coming to the US - Arriving in ATL Nov. 17, leaving from there Dec. 5. We'll be in Disney for Thanksgiving, and South Florida from the 24-28ish. If anyone wants to see me - let me know asap! :)


Anonymous said...


You know we want to see you---call us when you know you will be in Boca and we'll make plans. Also want to tell you how adorable your apartment looks---all those personal touches make it look so very special.

Happy Halloween---how did the "Monster Mash" go over? Good luck with your preseentation. Stay in touch--God bless and keep smilin'


Anonymous said...

We hope you can visit us @ BEHS. Don't forget I have compiled a bunch of "goodies" that belong to you from your old classroom. Some old friends you will be glad to see I'm sure (human and otherwise)--HA! Let us know what day you will be here. Slide me an email...k

Cara said...

Well, your hair is no longer oranger, actually looks 'normal', so I guess the NYC-trained guy did a good job :-)
Can't wait to see what the carved pumpkin looked like - hopefully the candy corn made it to you!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the "delicious" candy corn! Did you make it yourself? Very cute :)