Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Hallow-een!

OK - so it's a little late, but I was busy with the conference, so I didn't have time to post the pics before now. I was one of the "chosen" to be on the working committee for both the new ALT Orientation and our JET Mid-Year Conferences. The team grudgingly obliged our Prefectural Advisor, but to be honest, at the end of the day, it was a lot of fun working together. I gave a workshop on lesson planning that seemed to be very well received (or at least many people wanted to buy me "otsukaresamadeshita" drinks at the after party).

But enough about me - look how cute my students are! I was really missing the Halloween/Fall spirit, so I decided to take my lunch on the verandah outside of the library (yes - that really IS all school property there!) and tried to sprinkle about some Halloween cheer. Some students joined me in trying to carve the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), we sang the "Monster Mash" and had fun with random trick 'r treaters that happened by. Unfortunately, "kabocha" are not pumpkins - they're green (OK), small (OK), and reeeeeeally reeeally thick skinned and HARD (NOT ok!). So here's as far as I got carving the pumpkin...I gave up and ended up with a fabulously delicious soup instead :)


PapaSan said...

At least you carving went much better but didn't last long. I sent you the pix. The sun had taken i'ts toll and with so much of the front missing, it sort of collapsed and pushed the cat out the the ants also love having some fresh food.

Gina said...

One year--in St Pete w/ Corey and Charlie--after stopping at about a dozen pumpkinless stores, we gave up and carved a cantelope. It came out surprisingly well, but we could never agree on what to call it.

"Cantolantern" was my favorite.

Corey preferred, "Jackolope"... but that's a really real animal so I resisted.

Charlie called it, "Earl."