Wednesday, October 03, 2007

一周忌- "Isshuuki" - the first anniversary

The first anniversary of someone's death is called いっしゅうき.
Today is my mom's.
(I can't believe it's been a year, either)
Since I can't be with my family, I've taken off of work and am making a pilgrimage of sorts to Hiroshima. I'm taking my bike and tent with me and my goal today is to camp out on Miyajima - the island that has the famous "floating" red torii. Where these's a torii, there's a shrine, so I'm taking this photo with me and some chocolate that I got for Mom in Korea. In the Japanese homes I've visited, they've set up little shrines in their homes dedicated to loved ones lost, and they frequently place food and drink (sake, beer) in front of them.
Well, with a heavy heart, I'm off. Mom always did say that 'that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger' -


Anonymous said...


You (and Mom) are in my thoughts and prayers today. She would be so very proud of all you have done this past year. Hope your pilgrimage to Hiroshima left you with peace in yur heart. God bless and keep smilin'


Anonymous said...

I second everything that Cathy just wrote, Trace. And from far away I am wrapping my arms around you and sending you all my love.
Aunt Barb