Friday, January 18, 2008

日没 (にちぼつ)

Here's a nice sunset 日没 ("nichibotsu") for you...actually I think I'm posting it more for me, since our forecast is rain, rain, showers, and more rain this weekend. :( But this day it didn't rain, and I took my bike on the train and ferry over to Ioujima, one of the little islands off of Nagasaki. I was pedaling hard to time it right to see the sunset from the far side of the island.
And some days I just get lucky.

ps - If you can't see the cool Japanese letters, make sure your computer is set to recognize Japanese (I have a Mac, and it was in 'system preferences-international-language' - Hope that helps! The Japanese is more interesting than random numbers and % signs) :)

1 comment:

Penquin said...

ahhhh....beautiful picture ~ you realize your sunsets are our sunrises ~ ~ ~ so thanks for sending us an awesome beginning to our day!!!!