Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Mind your bulky coats, please...?"

It's no secret that I hate smoking. Don't get me wrong - I can appreciate the smoky, inspirational air of a musician or writer at work; aesthetically, it just 'fits'. I just don't want to smell it or inhale that nasty stuff. (Surely doesn't help cigarettes' cause that I'm allergic to them, too.) Apparently there are some creative Japanese that hate the stuff, too. I see cryptic signs like this all over, especially at train stations. I think this one says something like
"With bulky coats and jackets, we tend to bump into each other more often in winter."
I can't read the rest of it, but it looks like the other ones I've seen, with very elaborate diagrams illustrating smokers and the random people, animals and obstacles they meet, or detailed diagrams of how smokers can avoid such meetings.
Classic. I want to make shirts of these. (guess I've got to use something higher res than my keitai, though!)

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