Friday, January 04, 2008

Merry Christmas from the kids

So. While all of you were enjoying your Christmas Eve services and dinners, it was already Christmas Day here in Japan. And where was I? At school, of course! Even though these two weeks are technically "winter vacation", the students and teachers are still in school. (they ALWAYS seem to be in school! "Vacation" seems to have a different meaning in Japanese) Though, this week, I only had to come to school on Friday due to Oshougatsu - somebody must have made a scheduling mistake, yo!

So, since it was a little depressing having to go to school ON CHRISTMAS, I decided to do something Christmas-y and fun with the classes I taught that day. One class traced their hands on green paper and wrote their names and a Christmas wish on them. We put them all together on the "Espace" English board to make the Christmas tree you see in the top photo.

In another class I played the "Right-Left Present" game and "Pass the Parcel." In the first game, I read a story and every time I said "right" or "left" the students had to pass the presents they had in the correct direction. It was pretty funny to watch! In "Pass the Parcel" - a kind of a variation of "hot potato" - students passed a present around, and the student holding the package when the music stopped had to open one layer and do whatever the paper inside instructed. The last student had it easy - all she had to do was wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and she got a hyaku-en shop Christmas CD and chocolate snowman surprise.

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