Friday, January 04, 2008

A Japanese-Dutch Christmas Gospel Style

What? Yes, that's indeed what I had. Or maybe it was a little Christmas Dutch Gospel Japanese-style. Anyway, that is what one gets when one is in Nagasaki for Christmas. Since all my other Christmas-observing mates were away, after school on Christmas I hopped a train up to Huis Ten Bosch, the Dutch village up the shore.
HTB was all decorated nicely, and there were lots of festive activities, but something was still lacking (maybe a date for Tracey??? or was it that it was a DUTCH place that had no Dutch people?). But, speaking of decorating, the blueish tree on the left side of the photo there was made up of white ceramic ornaments that people bought and decorated, and then all were hung and illuminated by black (?) lights.

I made the best of it, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the performance by this gospel group from New York. I even was able to get the people around me singing and clapping hands when they did "O, Happy Day!"

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