Friday, January 04, 2008

Party shots

The kids weren't the only ones to enjoy themselves at my Christmas party. Later in the evening some of the girls from my eikaiwa class showed up, and we watched some of "White Christmas."

Since this movie didn't have Japanese subtitles, I explained upcoming bits, we watched scenes, and then discussed them afterwards. It was pretty funny trying to explain the idea of "working an angle," especially when they kept thinking it had something to do with triangles ("try - angle"). Once the guys left, we kinda skipped to the end, sang "White Christmas" together with the grand finale number, and then just talked about how one of the girls こんやくしました - got engaged - yokatta (yea)!

The other girls (this WAS a co-ed party - though it seems that the guys were the ones who took the photos!) came earlier, and appeared to make fast friends with each other.


Anonymous said...

Hi Trace-
Just finished reading all your latest news about Christmas and New Years. It's fascinating to hear how you engage your students and your friends into the holiday spirit. I know you've learned so much about Japanese culture, but your Japanese friends/students are really benefiting from your gift of sharing your traditions, too. Blessings go both ways, and it's a joy to see them coming alive in all your wonderful photos. I look forward to my nightly trip to Japan through the eyes of your camera.

Much love always,
Aunt Barbara

PS: I sent you something tiny for Sam to "play" with. You still have Sam, don't you?

Tracey said...

Ah, yes. Sam is alive and well. He came out to play with the kids at the party, but then he got too loud and I had to put him in the other no party shots of the gator this time.

And as far as "engaging students and friends into the holiday spirit" - I think I did it more because I was getting depressed being "all alone" for Christmas (again) doing these things definitely helped beat back the blues.


Anonymous said...

You know, sometimes we all do things with some "selfish" motives, but in this case the gift was still given - and the blessings bestowed on others were still real. I love you, Trace.
Me Again...