Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bagel & Bagel

Funny how I can see or taste something I haven't had in a while, and suddenly I really miss it. Perhaps it's good that these bagels are unattainable in my area. They're way too good. As I've probably mentioned before, many people here go on trips and bring back "omiyage" for everyone at school. Omiyage is usually some kind of indigenous food that comes conveniently wrapped for individual "distribution". It's really easy to find at tourist shops and even the bus/train stations as you're on your way out. Well, bagels aren't your typical "omiyage" fare, (but then again, I'm not so typical, either) but since we did a lesson in class on food ordering that involved a bagel shop, I figured I'd pick up some real bagels for the teachers to try. Since I have to work Saturday for our graduation ceremony (yes, already), I had yesterday off. I went to Fukuoka for the day to get a hair cut, to continue the "Starbuck's Project" (ask Chris), to eat Mexican food, and to just generally soak in the diversity of city life for a few minutes.
Well, seems that the bagels - and the rum raisin cream cheese - are a big hit. :) I keep getting a lot of "gochisosama deshitas" (roughly translates to "thanks for the food").

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