Friday, February 22, 2008

Drummer boy

I know I promised the Snow Festival pics (I'll get to them - honest), but I just had to post these from last night at the Nagasaki Lantern Festival. I was right up front for this performance of Okinawan drumming (drumming + crisp movements + excited whistling + exuberant faces!).
There was so much joy in the kids' expressions...I can still hear and feel the delightful beats inside me this morning!

The white sock-looking things they are wearing are called "tabi"

Can you see the large lanterns in the shape of people in the background?

Ry - I really think you should come over and try this!

***Don't foget to click on the photos to see the larger versions!

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Anonymous said...

We're up in Denver with Christian, Lindsay and Ry. Mom and Dad are on a mini vacation in Vegas. Ryan is actually practicing with his drum corp all weekend...from Friday at 6:00 through Sunday at 5:00. I cannot believe the work these kids put into their performances. The kids loved your action shots of the dummer! We'll show Ry when we see him on Sunday.

(And I'll bet Ry would LOVE to come over there and try that!)