Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bump of Chicken

Here's an experiment - well, it's two-fold, actually. One, I'm embedding a music video file in this post, let me know if it worked, ok? Secondly, I'm trying to study this foreign language through it's popular music. The problem I'd faced was I had NO idea where to start - remember - all the stuff in the music stores is IN said foreign language. Then I discovered the miracle of youtube.com and jpopasia.com, so now I can find at least ONE thing I like, and then use that as a point of departure to find other things I like. Then, of course, there are the kids. This week we're listening to songs they like and translating them into English. I'd actually started that task on my own with a new CD I got called "The Elephant Kashimashi" - then I thought, "Hmmm, why don't the KIDS do this?"

Here's one they chose. It's called "メーデー" ("mayday") by Bump of Chicken. I don't know what it's about yet, but the sound of it puts me in a good mood :)


Anonymous said...


Well the music video works!!! Good job! Too bad I had NO idea what the song was about----but musically it could have been playing on any station here in the U.S.

Fascinating story about the dolls; I think it's so interesting to hear these old stories tht really define a country and its people.

Hope everything is going well. God bless and keep smilin'

Cara said...

I can see why this song puts you in a good mood! The exercise you describe reminds me of a Spanish class in college, every week we had to translate something from the news or radio, and I remember a song "Yo te amo solamente..." listening and listening and it was so familiar, and then the light bulb went off - "I Will Always Love You" (The Bodyguard was out at that time...) complete with the long drawn out "y Yooooooooooooooo........" towards the end :-)