Monday, March 03, 2008

one year later

Yes, you saw these cool cats last year, too. They are the "ouendan" team at school and they performed for our grad ceremony on Saturday (yes, already doing graduation). They are a big part of the reason I've decided to stay one more year - I really want to see my kids (that were 1st years my 1st year) graduate. I got really choked up this year at the ceremony and I didn't even know the graduates that well, nor did I really understand most of what was going on. But I think I'm really going to lose it next year when all these guys I know graduate (and I'll have improved my Japanese and be able to understand a bit more!). I've been having trouble uploading pics, but I do promise some funny ones from stuff that happened this weekend (not necessarily FOR my birthday, but ON my birthday, anyway!)

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