Monday, March 03, 2008


So I turned 36 yesterday. I think I'll try to take my friend's advice and from now on just think of my birthday as a "celebration of the day the world was blessed with my arrival" because when I think of being 36, unmarried (heck, I don't even remember the last time I had a proper DATE), and without kids, I get so depressed I can't get up off the floor (which, at the moment, IS very comfortable, since I just bought a "hot carpet" - but nonetheless - ).
And, I miss Mom.
She always made the day special for me, and now I'm really feeling the loss again.
BUT I seem to have some 'new moms' who've stepped up to the plate and I really appreciate it. Though the language and culture barrier is ever-challenging, some of the ladies I've met here have provided a nice maternal-like presence on occasion. And Cathy, Cara ("mom-in-training"!), and Aunt Barbara, your care packages are life savers. Really. Thank you. txo

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Anonymous said...

I miss your Mom, too, Trace. But sometimes I think that's a really good thing because it reminds us of how blessed we have been to have that person in our life. It hurts to love, huh?
On a lighter note, big hugs and smooches from Skip and I! Hope you can use the St. Patty's stuff for your class board. We loved your Valentine one...