Saturday, March 01, 2008


I'll be out with it already. Most of the time I can be pretty genki, and I've almost gotten used to the fact that I'm simply not EVER going to fit in here.
I feel like it's a conspiracy against me.

Case in point: today. Graduation. I'm told to wear "formal wear" for the ceremony, but, no, 'of course you don't need to wear a kimono'... I come in this morning, and, of course they're wearing kimonos. Everyone not in a kimono has a black velvet suit and pearls (well, the guys aren't wearing pearls). OH, that's "formal wear" Well, shikatta ganai, yo - all I have is an ill-fitting brown suit thingy that I must have washed when it should have been dry cleaned (suits? what are suits?) My plan is to distract them all with my curly hair and I even put on a little makeup. We'll see how it goes.

I know in a few hours this uneasiness will be forgotten (because I'll be freezing said curly hair off in the unheated gym) - no really - in a few hours all the graduates (senpai) and their kohai (the undergrads) will all be having their little celebrations in their club groups around the school. It's very cute to see how happy they all are, and it's evident that they are all really close friends.

And, once again, I'm sitting alone in a suddenly empty staff room - let me go see where everyone's gotten to -

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Cara said...

Ouch...sorry Trace! I wonder why they would tell you they don't wear kimonos??? And graduation already? It's not even Spring Break here yet! (not like that affects me at all, although mentally I sure am ready for spring break). There are some signs of spring popping up = saw a crop of irises on the corner as I drove to work yesterday. Made me smile.