Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Wedding Day!

One of my former eikaiwa (English conversation) students, Mihoko, got married last weekend. Though I was honored to be invited, I've heard (and seen) that Japanese weddings are extremely formal, stiff (read UNfun) affairs. Beautiful, but really formal. I was nervous about what to wear, how to act, since I feel like I never really know what is expected of me around here. Fortunately, I can usually play the "gaijin" (foreigner) card and beg forgiveness on account of ignorance. I was also lucky to be able to join some of my other Japanese girlfriends for both the wedding ceremony and the ensuing party, and therefore didn't feel so lost :) In this first photo, Mihoko's wearing a traditional white kimono, and the family is standing in front of the special gold screen to receive guests into the reception.

Here's what was waiting for us at the table! Actually, this fish, "tai" is probably my favorite kind of sashimi. I think it might also be considered "lucky" (I guess for those who eat it - not the fish itself!) I could be making that up though -

Next is the appetizer course - it was delicious, but don't ask me what the things were. I think the pink thing was "sakura mochi", though - made from sakura blossoms and leaves (but I could be making that up, too!)

Ahhh... the wedding cake. If it looks a little unprofessional, it was! It was just a frosted cake and the guests got to decorate it! What an idea! They had bowls of goodies set out beside the cake, and at the beginning of the reception, guests got to add their own touches.

Finally, here's Mihoko in her second wedding dress (she went through several costume changes throughout the whole affair!) and me & "the girls."

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Cara said...

What a neat experience - that fish would definitely made an interesting place setting at the tables! I wonder how many of the 'goodies' made it onto the cake vs. directly into the decorator's mouth... especially if there were kids around!