Friday, March 21, 2008


This is the band featured in the previous post, and their name is a portmanteau of the two members' family names, Kentarō Kobuchi and Shunsuke Kuroda. In recent lessons, I've been talking with the students about their musical tastes and "Osusume" (recommendations) and "Tsubomi" is one of them. I don't know why I didn't think of this idea before - listening to the students' favorite music not only broadens my Japanese musical horizons (which doesn't take much!) and gives me a better idea of where they're coming from and what they like. It also gives me more "chat material" and it helps me decide what kind of English music to use in lessons.
Well, I found an English translation for the "Tsubomi" lyrics, and have posted them below. Just for the record, Kuroda is over 6'4" and NO, I've never seen a Japanese guy that tall before :)


Even if tears spilled from a sweat covered smile, no one could tell.
Thats why I don't know you're crying.

Its still burning, lighting up my heart
I recieved from you the tender light, proof of unconditional love

While being enveloped by the gentle spot under the sun,
I whisper into your back
Even if a day like this comes again
Surely, surely, surely, you would be able to understand

Vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
the petal dancing in the wind that my palm can't grasp
stops on the shoulder lightly
skillfully riding it and showing a smile, I remember you by myself

In the valley of buildings, sometimes buried dreams bud too
isn't that what makes flowers bloom?
You can't choose where your dreams will blossom

The silhouettes we dropped on this town, they're all looking for the light
even as time overlaps and flows over itself
surely, surely, surely the day we grow out of this will come

On the breezeless track, the beautiful sky of May feels blue and lonely
the motionless scattered clouds will always be floating
there is no place I can return to anymore
this is the way I am, in the whispering wind it dances to the ground with a flash, my tears

On the verge of dropping, once more the re-opening petals, like you,
gave time and again silent encouragement to these hands

Vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
even now I still can't catch the dreams you painted
stopping right beside me
Opening gracefully just like a smile, I keep looking for the flower bud, in the sky

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