Monday, May 26, 2008

tying the knot

Couldn't resist the play on words.  
No, no, I'm not getting married or anything; 
I still haven't even been able to get a date recently...
but I'm accepting applications from interested & 
willing parties, if you know any!
Just thought I'd share this interesting clip from my Kyoto temple visit.  
Our guide, a monk at this temple, shows us how he ties his belt.  
Looks like a giant Turk's Head knot, doesn't it, Dad?


penquin said...


I might know of an interested & willing party ;o) ~ where do we send those resumes to?

Hope all is going well

Tonykaku said...

ii kanji...nice feeling to this photo.
i found your blog today and thought can one feel
"natsukashii" for a country that you are not from?