Friday, June 06, 2008


Yatta!  I got my camera back.  It was a stowaway in the Pixmobile and apparently enjoying a vacation in Fukuoka.  Must run to Japanese lesson now and then to class.  But here's another classic 'public service announcement' from my corner of the world...
"The cigarette butts are
always more noticeable 
when I'm walking my dog."

yeah.  hate that.


Tonykaku said...

another "guzen" coincidence. the night before last the writer/speaker David Sedaris was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. he mentioned moving to Hiroshima for 3 months to quit smoking and he also mentioned the photo in your blog today. i have taken the same photo too.
as for how i came across your blog, i was looking
for the Japanese word for the festival game of catching goldfish with a paper scooper and you have an entry somewhere about it.
if you get a chance, ask your students about the music of Kobukuro, Ikimonogakari, Aiko, Dreams Come True and Everything Little Thing. they are some of my recent favorites. last year i went to an Awa-odori festival in Tokushima and waited 3 hours in line to hear Ikimonogakari, i got a seat in the front row and needless to say i was the oldest (and only gaijin) fan there by a good 20-30 years. the next morning in the newspaper was several photos from the festival.
by chance, i was in three of them...watching the Awa-odori, watching a band contest and watching Ikimonogakari. the lady at my hotel noticed me and gave me the paper for an omiyage.
how long are you staying in Japan? until all your students graduate?

Tracey said...

I miss Jon Stewart & the Colbert Report! My former upstairs neighbor & I used to watch it on his computer.
My students have also suggested the bands you mention, in fact, I think I did an earlier post about Kobukuro.
Speaking of your kingyo sukui, I'm going to need to find a festival and go fishing soon, since I just got a new pot for another water gardern :)