Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Come to FRANCE...Exciting, Relaxing, Romantic...FRANCE!"
The kids had to make a commercial enticing people to visit a particular country.  The funny thing was, since we didn't have access to any reference material, when the students didn't know something about the country, they were allowed to make it up!  
We advertised a package that included a ski trip ("exciting"), followed by a trip to the Med ("relaxing"), and the tour finished with a romantic night on the town in Paris.  The romantic gesture (seen below with me and the boy) really cracked everyone up, since this boy is apparently quite a character in the class.  Of course all the other girls in the group were too shy to play this part, so that's why I was stuck with making this funny pose you see in yesterday's post.  In case you're wondering what's on the girls' faces, it's candy.  One of the things we made up about France is that it's sweet - literally.  For instance, the Eiffel Tower (made up by me and another tall student) is made of candy, so after your romantic dinner there, you can just take a piece of the tower for dessert.  So for that part of the skit, we were wearing candy, and well, apparently that was too good an idea to limit to skit time...

Late that night the female chaperones were chatting away in their room, so I went to the guys' room to finish making little USA souvenirs for my kids.  It was all nice and quiet till the boys came in and crashed the party :)  I mean - ahem - till the boys came in for some extra English tutoring - yeah - that's what it was.  

Photos for these posts are credited to my 'Trinbagonian' brotha, Allen, a JET from Nagasaki (and also just barely visible at the very bottom of this photo!)  Thanks, Allen!


Penquin said...

Viva La France!!!!

Ok, You've all convinced me....France sounds like a wonderful place to take my vacation 8o)~

Tracey said...

Oh no you don't! Well, you can go in the winter, maybe (you can probably even get Szutar to be your date for that trip). But summer's mine, captain. Or you better be sending someone else in your stead. I've spent WAY too much time looking at train/plane/bus schedules to lose you to a couple of croissants.

Penquin said...

So now who's getting who all riled up?...hehehe 8o)