Wednesday, June 18, 2008

(gomen, ne!  I'm sulking.  After the drama I had to go through getting my back bike tire fixed, I come out today after school to find my FRONT tire completely flat.  THEN, as I was taking off the tire - quick release - what happens?  The bolt holding it on drops and rolls right into the hole in the bottom of a rusty pole...down into the murky-whatever-is-under-the-pole place...agh!   So - you'll have to wait until tomorrow for more cute pictures and/or photographic evidence that I DO actually do serious work here sometimes  )

ps - Dad, just let me know when you're connected to the wwworld again.  Your mouse misses you I'm sure :)  Your daughter does.  Ganbatte, kudasai!  


Tonykaku said...

this is my third try at a "i know first hand about bike problems in Japan" comment so gomen nasai if the other two appear... don't get me started on bike problems in Japan. but, i will say most if not all my bike problems ended with some kindness being given to me by someone who happened upon me when i had that 'sulking' "why me" look. ganbatte to you.
i will be looking forward to more cute photos.
ps. yes, Mince is not an LA-thing : )
and thanks for commenting on my photos and blogastions.

penquin said...