Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Right, so I know some of you think all I do is play around here...and...well, that's probably fairly accurate.  BUT, in my defense, English as a second language (when you are surrounded by Japanese speakers) is intimidating enough, so I don't have any regrets about "just playing around" here.   All those years teaching at a, ah - challenging school didn't teach me nothing - I guess I just make this job look easy :)

The board on the right there has photos from our ichinensei "boot" camp that they do at the beginning of the school year (April).  It's really all about discipline, but as you can see in the photos, it's not all about marching and singing the school song.  

And, these are way overdue, but I thought some of these quotes were really cute (and evidence of what an awesome English teacher I must be...)
So - presenting some selected 
New Year's resolutions 
from last year's students (unedited):
  • I will continue to live energetically.
  • I will get the wisdom of English!
  • This year I will keep my room cleaned.
  • I will help with housework more than last year.
  • I will be legend.
  • This year I will make friends of normal classes.  (she is in an advanced science track here)
  • This year I will become open straightforward and not at all pretentious! 
  • I will get girlfriendS
  • This year I will not be a crazy boy.
  • This year I will remember a thousand English words.
  • This year I resolve to be SUPPLE!  (since my students seem very 'innocent' this alarmed me - but I think she meant "obedient")
  • I want to make my parents happy!!
  • I will get up early!
  • I will make a girlfriend.
  • I will become a real hero with a love for justice. (This boy loves Kamen Rider)
  • This year I will spend smile everyday.
  • This year I resolve to have a pleasant every day.
  • This year I resolve to not sleep in any classes!
  • This year I will practice kyudo MORE HEAD.  (Kyudo is Japanese archery.  What he really means is that he will concentrate more and make intelligent, thoughtful moves.)
  • This year I will be a **princess**
  • This year, I will try to talk with more foreign people.
  • This year I will sleep as many as possible. (maybe he already started!)
  • This year I will go to the next grade and sail across the Pacific Ocean.
  • This year I resolve to keep smile ALWAYS.
  • This year I will enjoy English more than ever!
  • This year I resolve to believe in myself and everyone.


Tonykaku said...

i keep telling everyone, English as a second language is very difficult. well, maybe not everyone.
but, a few.
i still have a ticket from a concert i went to Okinawa in 1985. it says in bold letters "Music is a never die". so true. so perfect in it's non-perfectness.

Anonymous said...

You need to bring your bike to Sasebo so I can teach you to fix it properly. hahaha


Tracey said...

So, desu ne! Watch out - I might actually take you up on that offer! :)