Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm turning into one of them

You know I used to think that the way the Japanese ladies all hide under fancy "sun-brellas" was a little much.  So they want pure white skin and no wrinkles - good for them.   
I, on the other hand,  love the sun.  
HOWEVER, now I realize they're brilliant - walking around with an umbrella when the sun is shining is like walking around with a portable air conditioner.  
And every little bit helps here in the summer, ne.


Penquin said...

Hmmmmm.....how do we know that's really you? ? ?

Yea...that's what we thought 8o)

Cara said...

If only I could get an umbrella big enough to cover my car in the parking lot at work since it's 98 degrees every day... :-)

Barb said...

Don't have anything profound to say, except - "very clever photo!" And, I always love reading your blog, Trace.

FYI - Yours truly is going to the circus Saturday. Danielle, Shanan and Shanan's daughter Amelia (5) are coming down to the Springs this weekend -and since I haven't been to a circus in a million years, I thought we should all go! Wish you were here... we'd have a good time with our cameras, huh?

Sending you a big HUG and a smile - XOX

Tracey said...

Penquin (B, right?) - I should think those sexy ankles would be a dead giveaway :) Yeah - I guess you're right - it's a little hard to see my mane of hair in that pic.

Cara - Hello, beautiful! How many more weeks? My kids at camp helped me do something special for you for your bday...hope it gets to you in time. It'll somehow remind you of high school graduation :)
I'll see about getting you a sunbrella to fit your car, but don't hold your breath - remember in this country it's a FEAT to even find SHOES that fit...

Aunt Barb! Wow - the circus - fun! At the Dutch village here they had a limited-engagement performance of (Chinese?) acrobatic teams/dancers. It was IN a tent...but not the same as going to the circus. I know you'll all have fun. Kiss Dani and the girls for me :)