Saturday, June 14, 2008

yes, folks, size DOES matter

After chasing the fireflies in the 'backcountry' on my bike a couple of weeks ago, I found my back tire soft.  Pumped it up - fabulous again. It was a tease.  After a whole day at school, the tire was so flat, that when tried to just walk it home, the tire was literally rolling off the wheel.  Dame, yo ("bad"). Went to two gas stations and the guys were reeally helpful, but my little French valves were like nothing this little town (or any around here) has ever seen.   I finally found new tubes in Fukuoka last week, but in the mean time, I needed wheels.  I'd been wanting a folding bike because they're much easier to take on the train & bus, so this was a good excuse to get one.  I did a bit of research and settled on this little Panasonic (yes!  in fact it DOES come with a radio :)  ), and traded multiple gears and shocks for a light load.  It's definitely not for long stretches uphill, but it's not bad.  And I just love the fact it practically fits in my pocket when I'm done!  


Tracey said...

I wish I had a video of me taking this photo. Of course the bike was far behind me, and I was holding my phone camera high above me trying to get the shot. Since I was in the apartment driveway, I kept having to move out of the way, and I got the funniest looks from my Japanese neighbors, but when I showed them the photos, they understood and though it was really funny, too :)

Tonykaku said...

cool photo! cool bike! a friend of mine in Kyoto has a similar one and loves it. my old faithful Bridgestone
bike is sitting safely behind my friend's house in Osaka. and speaking of videos, i took a video using an "old-timey black and white" setting of my friend's 81 year old Father making it safe from rain, snow and dorobo. i should add it to my blog as it look so Charlie Chaplin-ish or more Keystone Coppish.
i sent another email...did it go the way of Spam again?

Cara said...

Very cool photo... Jason is enjoying playing with his new Nikon D40, have some nice South Beach shots we'll post one of these days. Of course, now he 'needs' a polarizing filter, and a telephoto lense, and a special flash, and.... :-) Glad your new bike is treating you well... I think a funny picture would be me, 7 1/2 mo pregnant, trying to balance on a bike. You'll just have to use your imagination for that one - no photos coming!!! And my first thought about HS graduation was our wonderful(ly out of tune) rendition of "Lean on Me". Then I went to Mrs. Martin's apple. Will be waiting to see what you sent!!!