Tuesday, July 08, 2008

and a Happy 8th of July to you -

I was a little out of commission this 4th of July weekend (stomach bug), so maybe it's good I wasn't in the States with all that good smelling bbq around...
Last Sunday evening I did, however, manage to get up to the 4th of July party sponsored by the base up in Sasebo. It still was a little strange walking into a place with so many Americans all around, but it was nice to be surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells. I ran into some nice people, but mainly kept to myself, enjoying my REAL cheeseburger (can't remember the last time I had one), and the slightly less than cheesy cover bands. Actually the bands were alright, I'm just not such a raving fan of the original bands. But live music is live music. :) I stuck around for the beginning of the fireworks, and saw the last of the show as I rode my little bike back to the train station.
And I think I've been here too long, now - that Lou Greenwood song they did to start the fireworks show was almost tolerable :) At least the words sounded different to me this time.
(and there was a moment during a particularly brilliant set of fireworks that I swear I could hear Mom oooing and ahhhing...)


Tonykaku said...

yes, perhaps she was also wishing good luck to the
Princess Weaver Star and the Cow Herder Star as Tanabata approached. hope you are back to your
genki hatsuratsu self soon.

Tracey said...

that's a nice thought