Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Class Match - Day 2

87F/29C & counting...

As you know, my kids at school here are always CRAzY busy with classes, extra classes, tons of homework, coming to school on Saturdays and during their 'vacations'...BUT yesterday and today they've been able to let loose a little at the "Class Match" sports competitions. I took these photos from the top of the gym as I looked down on the school grounds at the volleyball and soccer matches.

Each class has teams for volleyball, soccer, badminton, basketball, & dodgeball. As I sit up here in the air conditioned haven of the teacher's room, I can hear their continuous cheers of encouragement, and intermittent frenetic coaxing to help their team get that extra push they need at that moment. Have I mentioned that I adore my students here? Days like today it's so refreshing to see the pure joy and determination in what they're doing.

Yesterday I stayed outside most of the day playing with the kids as they practiced for their volleyball games (I kept trying to get on a team, but wasn't successful). However, one of my classes was short a basketball player, and so - how much do I love my kids? Apparently A LOT...cause even though the game was only 10 minutes long, I swear I almost DIED. Why do people play that game on purpose for FUN? It's sadIStic, is what it is - all that running around back and forth, stopping, running, stopping, jumping...lunacy it is, yo! Somebody get me a yoga class...
Well, I should quit procrastinating and get out there and start sweating with the students -


fast loans said...

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Barb said...

Great picture of the sports area, Tracey. Would love to see pictures of the school building and gym area from the outside - and the surrounding area around your school

Basketball - hmmmmm. When I use to go to Danielle's games, I thought the exact same thing! WHY???????

And - we CAN tell you love those kids. A little piece of you will always be a part of their spirits.

Love and hugs to my other favorite daughter.

penquin said...

& you're concerned i won't be able to keep up w/ you...???

Hmmm...i'm begining to wonder now 8o)~

Tracey said...

I believe my comment, Mr. Marathon Man, is that I wasn't sure if *I* could keep up with *you* when we're hiking around in August. However, since the sun is well up at 6am these days, so am I - outside, doing my best to run. Of course I'm really allergic to running in general, so I only run like I ski - downhill. And even labeling THAT as running is a stretch!