Wednesday, July 02, 2008

竜頭泉 りゅうとうせん

(or for those of you having trouble reading that - "Ryutousen" (ryou-toe-sen).  
I can see why I had trouble remembering the right order of the name, because "ryu" means dragon, and I knew "sento" had something to do with bath/water/springs.  And, when I looked up "sentou" the first definition said "head"...
Well, I've got it now - 
"ryutou" = dragon head, "sen" = springs.  
And now your Japanese lesson is out of the way :)

Here's a picture of one of the "taki" (waterfall) and "sen" near the restaurant.  The surrounding area was gorgeous - good for hiking and camping I hear.  
After living here - with mountains so close, I can't imagine living without them now... 

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