Friday, July 04, 2008

kabi must die

I'm normally not a vicious or vindictive person,
but in this situation, I have no other choice.
(Kabi wa saiaku. Kieteshimae!)
Mold is EVIL. It must die!

OK, I know I always complained about freezing in my apartment
in winter. However, one really great thing about winter is -
NO bugs, and, (okay - two great things) - no mould/mildew.
Right, so I can take the rain in tsuyu (monsoon season)...
it's annoying, but I know it is necessary to make the rice grow, etc.
What, however, is the justification for
MOLD and BUGS, such evil entities?
Since my apartment is the end unit on the first floor
(remember - below my tatami mats are thin wooden boards, 3 feet of air, and wet soil), I'm under heavy attack. At least the mukade (centipedes?) haven't decided my house was party central. If that happens, it might really get ugly. For now, however, I'll just keep emptying my dehumidifier every 5 minutes and keep wiping down my floors everyday to prevent the kabi from turning my tatami mats into AstroTurf. I'm also keeping a baseball bat close at hand for any gokiburi (roaches) daring enough to cross the threshold. So watch out - I'm armed and dangerous, yo.


Anonymous said...

There goes any fantasy I had of sneaking into your apartment late at night. Victoria's Secret is such an attractive lure... haha

Tonykaku said...

hope you had a good 4th of July. any hanabi?
i haven't heard from you in awhile... hope the kabi and the gokiburi didn't do you in.

umijin said...

Tokyo is often much worse in the Summer than southern Japan - even Okinawa where I used to live. Thankfully, we live on the 4th floor of our building, and have enough air flow through our apato that we don't bother with aircon most days.

Choose your domicile carefully!

Tracey said...

Fortunately, it seems I escaped this year's rainy season without too many dramas.
As far as 'choosing my domicile', had I a choice in the matter, I'd probably make another. However, my school is my landlord, and so this is where I have to live. Other than the kabi in summer and cold in winter, I have a really good gig here and shouldn't complain. I'm reeeeally lucky - My school is very good to me.