Thursday, October 16, 2008

Having a ball at the Navy Ball

Just thought I'd put up a quick pic since you all have probably forgotten what I look like.
Work is reeeeally getting in the way of my life here! ;)
My friends at the base were kind enough to include me in the Navy's Birthday Ball, and so I got to get dressed up AND I had some place to go :)
Thanks, Skii for the dress! I felt like a million bucks!
(ok - now back to my regularly scheduled craziness...which at the moment, includes teaching the Monster Mash to some elementary school kids...)


Penquin said...

Here I though Ted didn't invite me to the ball b/c I'm a Coastie ~ ~ and here it was because he wanted to keep all the beautiful woman to himself ~ :o)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhh.... cleavage! One can never have enough dates. Even if one is attached to a Coastie.


Tracey said...

...and I am quite attached to my Coastie :)
But HERE HERE for the girls! ;0

Anonymous said...

Yeah... all 6 of them! :P

Anonymous said...