Monday, October 20, 2008

Well...I'm definitely not bored lately!
I've been helping my students practice their speeches (never ending task) and now I'll be heading to my Japanese ink painting class. Here is my teacher's mom (the one who always makes and gives me tasty food) showing one of her calligraphy scrolls to some ladies from the neighborhood.

Hope you are all well and enjoying Fall's cooler temps and harvest!


Anonymous said...


Glad you are keeping so busy. Just think of all the newly learned talents you will be able to share with us. Loved that picture from the Navy Ball---the sexy look really becomes you!!!

Stay well and keep smilin'


Anonymous said...

So glad your back. I missed you. Loved your pictures of the Navy Ball. Sent them to My Pictures. Can't wait to see you in December. Too bad that you won't see our beautiful aspens.
Love, Aunt Louise