Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shhhh...don't let their moms know I'm going to take these cuties back to the States with me! They were so adorable as they worked hard to trace their hands and feet to make these.
(but, yes, they had help with cutting them out).

Well, I hope your turkey is plump and juicy,
that your gravy is just right,
that your stuffing is as stuffing should be (?)
and that you can hug your family tight!

OK! OK! I'm stopping, I'm stopping! more Dr. Seuss for me...
but seriously, cheers!
And a big THANK YOU to all of you who read this & make comments,
THANK YOU to all of you who send me letters & care packages!
I hope you know that it's because of you that I'm
strong enough to do what I do here.
You have really been there for me, and I truly appreciate it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

PS - have fun with the little Thanksgiving food survey
I set up over in the left margin there ;)


Tracey said...

I'm having trouble answering the survey myself...not sure if it's because I'm the author, or if I need to adjust something...
Gomen, ne!

Penquin said...

I'm going for the "other" Mmmm...but that won't be until Christmas!!!!

Pizzamancer said...

Thanks you Tracy for being one of my long time followers. It really does mean a lot to me when you show up for my 'events' time and again. It is pretty discouraging to get zero RSVPs.

Most people wouldn't be near as forgiving for my massacre of Firefly on the small screen.

Come the end of December I will be closing my last store here in Nagasaki. It is time to move on to bigger things. Thanks for being a part of Chris' Pizza.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tracey,
I'll be at Lin and Dan's for Thanksgiving. Barb and Skip up to Denver with their kids. May have our first snow storm for Thanksgiving. Not good with all the traveling. Hope you had a lot of good food today!!!Those two little girls are just adorable. Bring them for Christmas. Would love them under my tree. Love you dear. Aunt Louise

Tonykaku said...

Happy Shichimencho no Hi Day ! ! !
have some oden or nabe to keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Those girls are just adorable! I'll help you smuggle them in! We spent Thanksgiving with Ron's parents----looking forward to Christmas when everyone (including Miss America) will be here. Wish you could join us. When are you leaving for CO??

Take care of yourself---one day at a time. God bless and keep smilsin'


Tracey said...

Thanks, guys! For any that are interested, I'm getting on a plane bound for Denver, CO on Saturday, Dec. 20. (Actually leaving my house on 19th, as I still need to travel to the middle of the country to catch my flight! So don't ask 'how long it takes to get there' I don't want to do that math because it takes up most of a weekend!)
Woohoo! 17 more days! :) !