Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well, I hope you're all recovered from your weekend of culinary indulgences! I took the day off on Thanksgiving Day (because, of course, it's not a holiday here!) and went up to the base in Sasebo where I was very fortunate to have dinner with my friends on the USS Guardian. And a big Otsukare sama deshita! to the Guardian chefs/cooks. Gochisou sama deshita! Good job! It was all delicious! I'm still dreaming about the turkey and gravy....mmmmm...
After dinner, one of the guys showed us around the ship. I really missed having my dad and brother there* on the tour, because they're much better at understanding all the stuff our informative guide told us, but I still thought everything was pretty cool! In the picture you can see the mine neutralization vehicle up on the deck. It's a remotely operated submersible used to hunt, identify, and neutralize underwater mines.
Sometimes the concept of war and its um... shall we say... various "accoutremements" is so abstract to me as I sit here safe in my little Japanese academic school. But seeing these men and walking on Guardian's decks, I got a little taste of reality. I mean, come on, how many of you run over & detonate mines all in a day's work? So, thanks again for having me for dinner, and thanks for everything you do, guys!
*but don't get me wrong, I missed you guys at dinner, too!!! In fact, I miss you just in general...can't wait to see you :)

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