Wednesday, November 05, 2008

snail mail

I love getting real pieces of mail. Some of you reading this are reeeally good about feeding my mailbox every now and then, and I reeeeally appreciate it. When I was at university, my mom wrote me all the time, and it really made me feel grounded. Today is her birthday (I'll be celebrating by throwing a "ChocoChoco Party" on Saturday - you're welcome to come! I figured it was a good way to rationalize eating a bunch of chocolate without feeling overwhelmed with guilt). I kind of wished I could have used one of these pretty gold stamps on a birthday card to Mom, but at this point she'd probably tell me not to waste postage and just have a bit of chocolate for her :)

ps - I scanned this one, so you can click on it and see it clearly on the enlarged photo


Tracey said...

These are the stamps I was talking about -

Pizzamancer said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. A week and a half ago a package with a letter and a home made CD from a friend showed up in the mail. It really makes my day as well.

Are you stopping by for pizza during the JET conference?

Penquin said...

Cheers - with a chocolate filled champagne glass.

I agree, the stamps are pretty awesome looking.

Now would that "every now n' then" be how often the mail box gets fed or how often you check it for food? :o)


Cara said...

ChocoChoco party - sounds good! But since someone's bedtime is 7-ish, I'll have to pass... although she may be allowed to stay up later to hang with Uncle Gary - he's coming to visit for the weekend!

In honor of your mother's birthday, I will have some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream this evening (the closest I have to chocolate in the house - can't keep it here now that I'm home all day!!)

Barb said...

When I got up this morning and sat down at my "makeup table" noticed that Noreen's birthday was today. So I stopped what I was doing, raised my coffee cup and sang her my version of "Happy Birthday to You!" I know she was laughing. Never was great at singing. Anyway, I will be HAPPY to continue the birthday celebration on Saturday with a bit of chocolate in her honor.
Love you, Trace!

Barb said...

Skip wants to know if this is one stamp or several individual stamps. And if it's one stamp, does it mean that it's 800 yen total?