Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Monkey and the Crab(s)

(once again, the gods of the internet deny me access at home...I thought I was so clever in moving the Mac to a warm room, and it DID work for a little while, but then - (sigh) :-( gone again. But if that's the worst of my troubles, I'm doing alright! )
Here's my International Day group donning some costumes from our skit. Basically, I think the moral of that story was:
If you're a monkey, and a crab asks you to pick some delicious kaki (persimmons) for her and her baby crabs, be nice and do it. Don't, as 'Bad Monkey Tracey' did, eat all the persimmons and pummel the crabs with the unripe ones (Hey! I had to! It was in the script the students wrote! But don't fret - they were only cardboard kaki anyway)
Yes, bad things happen to bad monkeys...eggs are thrown, strange characters attack with pitchforks and fierce kicking...But, fortunately, at the end of the day, Bad Monkey Tracey apologized and Monkey and Crab were friends once more.
Hey - Do you know what Japanese food I'm eating? (no fair if you answer, Kris!) You can buy them at grocery stores and conbini, and the rugby team eats these for snacks after practice.


Tracey said...

Yeah, Kris, I can see why Katie's group said my hair looks like yakisoba! Too bad it doesn't taste like it - it would be a nice afternoon snack right about now...

Penquin said...

Hmm...I'll beg to differ :o)

Hmmmm (again) don't suppose we could get you to pull your mask down & get the true effect of you wearing said mask ~ ~ I've just never seen a monkey w/ curly Qs before - - - then again, on second thought ... ok, I'll stop now before I get myself in trouble :^)