Monday, February 02, 2009

I (heart) OBAMA

Who doesn't??? But just to be clear - I'm talking Obama City on Tachibana Bay in Nagasaki Prefecture, of course! As I've often mentioned in previous posts, Kyushu (the region in which I live in Japan) is well-known for its abundant onsens, or hot springs. Last Friday night some of the other ALTs and I went down to Obama city (about a half hour drive from Isahaya) for a hot bath at a rooftop onsen. And, in the winter, in the RAIN, that was a crazy idea.

Well, actually, once I was bathed and IN the hot tub, on the roof, looking out over the city and shore, it was worth it.

And, as shy you think Japanese people are, they certainly are not shy about jumping on the Obama bandwagon and using our political happenings to try to drum up business.

Although I'm happy that US-Japan relations seem - at least for the moment - more positive than not, I must admit, that as I walked around town seeing all those I (heart) OBAMA banners triumphantly waving in the wind, it was a comical sight to see our new president smiling and waving at everyone from a bathtub.

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