Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top o'the Ev'ning to ya!
Have I mentioned how much I love the teachers here? This guy is GREAT. In the special ed music class, he plays guitar like he's in a mariachi group, and I always tease him by telling him he's not really Japanese - he's Mexican! He's always really outgoing, and he's so good with the kids. He always cracks me up with his antics (as you can see in this photo!). Tuesday night we had an enkai (eating and drinking party to celebrate the middle school graduation) and I brought along some festive accessories so everyone had a chance to celebrate properly. It was great fun explaining (in my FABulous Japanese, of course) the concepts of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick's Day parades, shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, pot o'gold, and green beer???

Since I don't like beer, I ordered ao ringo chuhai (blue/green apple mixer with shochu), a lovely green cocktail. They ran out of green apple chuhai, though, and since the lime chuhai they brought out looked like engine coolant, I added some food coloring to the drink you see me holding in the other photo here. Cheers!


Tracey said...

ps - my kids and several of the teachers wondered why I was wearing a picture of BROCCOLI on my hat!!!

Cara said...

LOL - broccoli!
I LOVE the hats - did you enlist your little neighborhood cuties to help you make them? Looks like you had fun (good call on passing up the engine coolant...) I personally would have gone for a margarita... someday! I hope you were wearing your t-shirt underneath, although I won't be too offended since it was a work function and the guys were in jackets and ties!

PS - somehow I think your St. Paddy's day next year will be quite different! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just think you'll be home soon and no more Japan! haha, are you going to be able to handle it?

Anonymous said...


So glad the influence of your truly Irish friends has lasted even though you are half a world away! I hope you carefully explained the difference between broccoli and shamrock.

May the luck of the Irish always stay with you. god bless and keep smilin'